Minor Surgeries

These simpler surgical procedures are carried out in the Out Patients Department in 30-60minitues usually under Local Anaesthetic. Most wounds are closed directly with simple sutures (stitches), requiring a return to the specialist plastic surgery nurse for a wound check in 1-2 weeks.

Scar Revision Surgery

Small surgical scar defects can be corrected under Local Anaesthetic, larger more complex scars require a General Anaesthetic, both performed usually as day case procedures.

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Benign Skin Lesions

These are usually non-cancerous lesions, such as an unsightly mole or skin tag for example that requiring a simple excision or a shave removal.

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Skin Cancers

Most isolated skin cancers can be easily removed in a short local Anaesthetic procedure. Direct Closure of the wound is usually performed in the vast majority, but occasionally some reconstruction of the defect is needed in the form of a skin graft or local flap.

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Subcutaneous Lesion

A simple cyst or a fatty lump called a Lipoma are common and can easily be removed under local Anaesthetic is a few minutes. Very occasionally large Lipomas require a general Anaesthetic, but patients will be discharged on the same day of surgery.

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Earlobe Surgery

Split earlobes are commonly caused by trauma or prolonged use of heavy jewellery. Ear lobe reduction requires careful planning to hide the scars as much as possible into natural folds in the ear/cheek junction. Tribal ear lobes are more complicated requiring reshaping of the stretched poor quality skin to make a “new earlobe”

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