Body Contouring Procedures

Age, genetics, the quality of our tissues, changes in weight changes, eating habits, pregnancy and breastfeeding are all factors, which work against us getting to and maintaining the body shape we desire.

Despite our best efforts, even with the most rigorous diet and exercise routines, our bodies may fail to improve to our satisfaction. For theses individuals body contouring surgery is an option to get the shape back you deserve   

Mummy Make-Over

An increasingly popular treatment, where two body zones, typically a tummy tuck with any of the breast operations (Breast lift, augmentation, or reduction) get reshaped in the same combined operation.

In one operation you get the body you deserve back following, for example, significant weight loss and/or pregnancies. It had been shown to do wonders for rejuvenating your appearance and boosting your self-esteem.

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Tummy Tuck - Abdominoplasty

There are four types of tummy tuck I routinely perform:

  1. Full tummy tuck using the Modified Brazilian Tummy Tuck (MBTT)

This MBTT combines some of the traditional tummy tuck techniques with liposuction for significant health benefits. It’s been proven to be significantly safer, less painful, quicker recovery and importantly requires NO drains.

  1. MBTT Hernia repair – the emphasis is on hernia repair and not on volume of fat and skin reduction. The height of the horizontal scar is determined by the amount the patients’ skin will stretch.
  1. MBTT Fleur De Lys – Using the MBTT techniques we remove vertical and horizontal excess skin and fat. A procedure used more commonly in patients with massive weight loss.
  1. A Mini-tummy tuck is traditionally used to remove a smaller excess fold of skin following a cesarean or gynecological procedure. Often combined with a little bit of liposuction to improve the overall contour of the tummy.
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Using multiple small incisions carefully placed in inconspicuous areas such as the belly button, or groin crease stubborn areas of fat excess can be removed from the legs and tummy for example. This reshaping aims to improve areas of asymmetry or a patients’ contour, resulting in a more balanced and defined shape.

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Arm Lift

An arm lift is a surgical technique that involves the removal of excess skin and fat from the arm. This is often used in patients that have achieved substantial weight loss or a hereditary tendency to carry weight in this area.

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Thigh Lift

The Thigh Lift is a technique to remove excess hanging skin from the thigh usually after substantial weight loss. Achieved by a combination of liposuction and excision of excess tissue. Aiming to hide where possible the scar in the groin crease and/or along the inner thigh.

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Women with enlarged labia minora or inner lips can experience daily physical discomfort or embarrassment. They can catch in clothing or become irritated during exercise or intimacy. Labiaplasty, as a surgical procedure, can restore self-esteem and help women feel more comfortable with their bodies.

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