To adhere to this philosophy of consistently safe surgery,

the patient and I have to go through a set and standard

process prior to surgery, which includes:

Pre-Consultation Information

This involves Dianne my PA sending you the relevant patient information leaflets about the procedure you are considering and if needed a series of patient pictures. Dianne will tell you the cost of the consultation.

The First Consultation

This is where we meet for about 45-60minutes where you can explain your concerns. After this comes a physical examination, and during this time I will make you aware of certain aspects of your anatomy. This is to point out things that you may not have noticed and which importantly may have an effect on the overall result. Often these are things that we cannot change such as the shape of your rib cage for example. I will then give you my opinion on what I think are your surgical options (there may be more than one!) and then with the aid of a few diagrams explain the operation, the potential complications and anticipated recovery period. Later the same day I will send you a letter about this consultation. You may at this time request a quotation of the proposed surgery.

Cooling Off Period

There will NEVER ever be a hard sell or pressure to get you to have any surgery in my practice. It is essential that you take time to consider the pros and cons of surgery.

Second Consultation

This is always offered and is FREE. It’s an opportunity for you to ask any questions about any aspect of the proposed operation.

At the end of this process, you the patient should have a better understanding of your anatomy, the way the operation is performed and the risks of surgery. I will provide you with additional information about your anticipated recovery, and show you links to patient pictures on my website and YouTube to watch videos of the surgery only if you want!

The consistently best outcomes come from a full understanding of the patient’s needs, their anatomy, and then planning the correct surgical technique i.e. customize your individual care.

I have and always will be honest about my ability, and what I feel I can achieve.
If I do not think I can match your expectations or you are asking for something I cannot deliver, I will not operate on you. It’s not safe and right to do so.
Surgery, like life, is a compromise, and sometimes we have to understand we cannot always get exactly what we like, and complications unfortunately even in the best hands do still occur.

Finally, I only chose to operate in Hospitals that have a proven track safety record and have trained personnel and emergency backup always in place.