Facial Procedures

The face is that part of the body that is on show the most, what we identify as “me”, so careful consideration and planning is required before any surgery should be undertaken.

Facial surgery covers a wide spectrum of options for each patient. Individualised treatment plans are required for the best results. The smorgasbord of surgical options may include soft tissue removal, re-draping, or volume replacement and addressing deeper anatomical structures such as the bone or cartilage.

Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery)

One of the most common aesthetic procedures performed, which can significantly refresh the overall look of the face and “open the eyes. As expected it comes with a high patient satisfaction. The surgical technique differs slightly for upper and lower eyelids but usually involves a combination of removal of excess skin and fat and occasionally supportive techniques if the eyelid is very lax.

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An anatomical complex area that requires careful thought and planning for the predictable natural results.
There are two types of Rhinoplasty, these are:

Closed surgery – used for simpler defects like a dorsal hump, the incision is made inside both nostrils i.e. no visible external scars

Open Rhinoplasty – used for more complex tip and bony/cartilage work, the incisions extend from inside the nose to across the Columella


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As we age the soft tissue of the face loses volume and elasticity, moving downwards and forward on the facial skeleton. In redressing this process, small scars are placed around the ears and the deeper structures lifted upwards and backward, being supported with a series of permanent sutures before the skin is re-draped without any tension. Other procedures can be used in combination where necessary are neck lifts, eyelid surgery and fat transfer to the cheek and deeper folds.

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A more difficult area to treat in cosmetic surgery and often combined with a facelift to reshape the face and neck together. Various neck rejuvenating techniques will be discussed at your consultation including liposuction, anterior neck plication (called a Platysmaplasty) or a Neck Defining suture (Ellevate TM)

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Prominent Ear Correction

This procedure uses a combination of reshaping techniques to decrease the prominence of the ears. Depending on patient preference it can be safely performed as a day case, under a Local Anaesthetic or a General Anaesthetic.

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