22yr old gentleman who was never overweight, or had any medical conditions, but had Gynaecomastia (man boobs), which were severely affecting his life. Underwent a day case, general anaesthetic liposuction procedure of the Gynaecomastia through two small stab incisions, the post op pictures were taken at 4 months.


All paired structures in the body have some form of asymmetry including the breast. These differences can include some of the following:

1. Chest wall/rib cage shape – this will determine the way your breast projects i.e. directly forwards, outwards or rarely inwards.
2. Breast volume – slight variation between sides is completely normal.
3. Nipple position on the breast, its height (measured from the notch between the collarbones to the nipple), the nipple distance from the midline and from the fold under the breast.
4. Height of the fold under the breast

Please note that aiming for perfection in a breast augmentation is not realistic as the biggest determinant of your outcome is what your breast looked like prior to surgery. A surgeon can use the same implant in different patients with very different results.